Victor couldn’t dive in the winter in Portugal because of the weather conditions.Because of this reason, he decided to spend some lovely vacations in the beautiful Island of Gran Canaria. He arrived in 2006 andhedidnt take too long to fall inlove with the Island’s landscapes, people, beaches, sea world and weather. But the main reason he fell inlove for this Island was the possibility in living in a place where you could dive all year!Being a diving instructor with more than 32 years of experience it didnt take too long either for him to have some job offers from diving centres. So he took the chance and accepted it.Not long after that, and not happy with the methods that some diving centreshad(specially the beginners in this field), he decided to open his own diving center and specialized in diving baptisms.


Margullar its a derivation of the portuguese word “mergulhar” it means diving and also makes part of the oficial Canarian lexic. Mainly we dedicate ourselves in the diving iniciation of people who dont have experience in the field. Knowing that its a strickingexperience , we have to be sure that its going to be amazing and unforgettable. We have all the necessary means to make your experience the safest and remarkable as possible.For this we have highly experienced monitors and intructor and also we have our own swiming pool for you to be learn before entering the sea. We know that diving in the sea with no prior experience time can be quite stressful, so we do believe taking a bit of time to adapt first its quite necessary. Situated in the natural reserve “EL Cabron”, our diving center gathers the ideal conditions for you to enjoy a pleasant and safe dive. We are only 100 meters from the main inmersion spotswich allows us to equip and unequip in our center and carry it fast and easy from one place to the other.


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