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Advanced Courses

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Advanced Adventurer


Have you always dreamed of exploring the fascinating underwater world? With the SSI Open Water Diver + Advanced Adventurer package, your dream can become a reality.

This package offers you:

SSI Open Water Diver Course: Become a certified diver and learn the basics of diving safely.
SSI Advanced Adventurer Program: Experience 5 different specialties and discover your passion for diving.

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Advanced OWD
4 Specialities


The Advanced Open Water Diver course   is the only program that offers the combination of knowledge and experience.

There is no comparison with any other certifying agency.

To earn the  Advanced Open Water Diver certification , you must complete 4 Specialty courses and have a total of 24 logged dives.


Rescue RR

Diver Stress & Rescue
React Right


This package combines the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue and React Right courses. Learn to recognize and manage stress, prevent accidents, and properly handle emergency situations if they occur.

You will receive both the SSI Stress & Rescue Diver and SSI React Right Diver certifications after completing both courses in the package.

Presentation Master Diver

Master Diver
4 Specialities
Stress & Rescue


The highly popular SSI Master Diver is the final step in your recreational diving journey.

The SSI Master Diver Certification is one of the most prestigious in the diving industry today. 

To achieve Master Diver certification, you must complete three Specialty Courses, the Diver Stress & Rescue Specialty and the React Right Specialty and have a total of 50 dives logged.