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Try Scuba


Explore the wonderful underwater world of the Arinaga Marine Reserve in Gran Canaria.

Arinaga is located in the east of the island and is one of the best areas to learn to dive as a beginner in Gran Canaria.

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Scuba Diver


SSI’s Scuba Diver program combines online learning with open and confined water diving, so you’ll have the basic knowledge you need to dive safely and confidently. You’ll learn everything you need to know to dive in open water up to 12 meters deep alongside an SSI professional.

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Open Water Diver


Begin the adventure of a lifetime as a certified diver with the SSI Open Water Diver certification, internationally recognized for independent diving up to 18m.


Open Water Diver


During the Open Water Diver course, you will practice in a pool and do 4 dives in the sea. You will notice how with each dive you do, you will progress and gain confidence.

Take advantage of this time to add one of the most sought-after certifications in the world: NITROX 40.


Open Water Diver
Advanced Adventure


Have you always dreamed of exploring the fascinating underwater world? With the SSI Open Water Diver + Advanced Adventurer package, your dream can become a reality.

This package offers you:

SSI Open Water Diver Course: Become a certified diver and learn the basics of diving safely.
SSI Advanced Adventurer Program: Experience 5 different specialties and discover your passion for diving.


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Scuba Skills Update


It’s normal for skills to get rusty and lose confidence when you’ve been away from diving for a while. With SSI’s Scuba Skills Update, you’ll be able to get back in the water and diving easily in no time. This refresher program allows you to review and practice the skills you learned in Open Water Diver with an SSI professional.