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Specialty Courses

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Deep Diving Scuba scaled

Deep Diving


With SSI’s Deep Diving Specialty you’ll learn everything you need to know to dive between 18 and 40 metres deep through a combination of academic sessions and open water diving. You’ll learn how to plan and complete deep dives safely and how to use computers and gas consumption calculations to get the most out of your deep diving.

Night Limited Visibility scaled

Night Diving
Limited Visibility


Night diving requires different skills than day diving. The Night Diving and Limited Visibility specialty is perfect for learning how to dive at night and practicing the techniques necessary to become a safe and confident night diver.

Enriched Air Nitrox scaled

Nitrox 40


As a Nitrox Diver, you’ll be able to increase your bottom times and safety margins, as well as reduce surface intervals, so you can spend more time diving and less time waiting.

In this program you will learn new skills and increase your diving knowledge. In addition, you will learn how to plan and dive safely with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% oxygen.

Navigation scaled



In this specialty program you will acquire the advanced skills and knowledge you need to navigate underwater with complete safety and confidence. In addition to the main orientation techniques and basic orientation patterns, you will learn how to use a compass, how to estimate distance, and how to leave and return to a specific point.

Perfect Buoyancy scaled

Perfect buoyancy


SSI’s Perfect Buoyancy specialty is ideal for improving your buoyancy and enjoying your diving to the fullest. Buoyancy is a fundamental skill, but if you ask any experienced diver, they will tell you that it takes time to perfect. 

React Right scaled

React Right


React Right is an emergency training course, composed of the following elements: primary aid, first aid and CPR, primary stabilization techniques. The specialty includes two other components: oxygen administration and use of an AED defibrillator.

Diver Stress Rescue scaled

Diver Stress & Rescue


With SSI’s Diver Stress & Rescue specialty program, you’ll learn the skills necessary to protect yourself and your fellow divers. Not only will you learn how to identify stress and prevent accidents, but we’ll also teach you practical techniques for conducting rescues and providing assistance in emergency situations. 

Science of Diving scaled

Science of Diving


Enroll in SSI’s Science of Diving specialty to gain a thorough understanding of the underwater world and its effects on the human body. This specialty, which is required to complete most SSI professional programs, 

Decompression Diving scaled

Decompression diving


The SSI Decompression Diving Specialty will teach you how to dive beyond the no-decompression limits. You will learn how to plan and conduct dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters with limited decompression using your recreational full diving system and a single decompression cylinder.

Boat Diving scaled

Boat Diving


SSI’s Boat Diving program provides students with the skills and knowledge to safely conduct open water diving from a variety of vessels, including small boats and liveaboards.

Advanced Wreck Diving scaled

Advanced Wreck Diving


SSI’s Advanced Wreck Diving program provides divers with the training necessary to independently plan and conduct limited penetration, no-decompression dives within sunlight, to a maximum depth of 30 meters or a linear distance of 40 meters, and using procedures and equipment for
indoor environments, with a buddy of equal or higher qualifications.

Search Recovery scaled

Search & Recovery


A fairly common situation for many divers is losing equipment because it has come loose from one of the anchors or due to carelessness. Another possible scenario is the search for a wreck whose exact location is unknown. Search protocols, routes to follow and ways of searching the bottom are some of the things that can be learned during the course.